Saturday, August 09, 2008

Doa Pemudah Sesuatu Perkara

Daripada Anas bin Malik r.a., bersabda Rasulullah SAW: "Ya Allah! Tiada kemudahan melainkan apa yang Engkau menjadikannya mudah. Engkau menjadikan suatu kepayahan menjadi mudah apabila Engkau kehendaki ia menjadi mudah."
(Riwayat Ibn Hibban)

This video by Sheikh Mishary Rashid. This video is about a du'aa in time of difficulity especially when we have any exam or in any situation. From this video, we must believe that Allah is always with us and will help us in any situation.

The Du'aa of the one experiencing diffulty:-

'O Allah there is no ease..except what You make easy...3x ...And You make the difficult easy, if You wish.....
This Du'aa is from Hadis above from Ibn Hibban

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