Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tala al Badru by Mishary Rashid

Tala al Badru
Munsyid : Mishary Rashid

Tala al-Badru alayna

(The Full Moon has risen over us!)

min thaniyyatil-Wada3
(From the valleys of Wada3)
wajaba al-shukru alayna
(Oh we must be grateful)
ma da3a lillahi da3

(for the invitation of the preacher to [the way of] God)

Ayyuha al-mabhuthu fina

(Oh You who have been sent to us)

Ji2ta bi-al-amri al-muta3

(You came with orders that [we have] obeyed [in advance])

Ji2ta sharrafta al-Madinah

(You came and honoured this town*)

marhaban ya khayra da3

oh greatest of preachers)

Tala al Noorul Mubeen

(The clear light has come out)

Nooru Khairil Mursaleen

(The light of the best of Messengers)

Nooru Amnin Wa Salaam

(The light of Security and Peace)

Nooru Haqqin wa Yaqeen

(The light of Truth and Awareness of God)
Sadaqallahu Ta'ala

(Allah Ta'ala has been Truthful)

Rahmatan Lil3aalameen

([Muhammad PBUH is] a mercy to the worlds)

Fa alal Barri Shu3aa3

(So on Land there is a radiance)
Wa alal Bahri Shu3aa3

(and on the Sea there is a radiance..)


Mursalun Bilhaqqi Jaa2

(A messenger which has come with the Truth)

Nutquhu Wahyussamaa2

(He speaks the guidance of the sky (God))

Qawluhuu Qaulun Faseehun

(His talk is [so] proper)

Yatahaddal Bulaghaa2

(It challenges the experts)

Feehi Liljismi Shifaa2un

(It contains healing for the body)

Feehi Lilro'hi dawaa2

(It contains medecine for the soul)

Ayyuhal Haadee Salaaman

(Oh, you who guide us, peace)

Maa Wa'al qur'aana wa ma


Jaa2anal Haadi-l-Basheer

(He has come to us; the guide, and bringer of tidings)

Mutliqul aanil Aseer

(The one who sets free the suffering captive)

Murshidu-Sa3ee Ithaa Maa

(The guide of the wanderer if..)
Abta2a-Saa3il Maseer

(He slows down [and listens])

Deenuhu haqqun Suraahun

(His religion is truth, towering)

Deenuhu Mulkun Kabeer

(His religion is a great posession)

Huwa Fi-Dunya Naeemun

(It is luxury in [this] world)

Wa Fi-l-Ukhraa Mataa3

(And in the [next] life it is enjoyment)

This is The Best Nasheed by Mishary Rashid.
This video give us knowledge about many things that happen in our life...
Very nice to watch this video...
Lets Enjoyed Together...:)


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salam haqeem..nice post..really like it..thalaal badru is my fav salawat (^_^!)

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