Monday, June 01, 2009

The Master Of Morals!!

My sharing for today is a
very beautiful nasheed by Mishary Rashid.
This nasheed is called "Sayed Al-Akhlaaq" Master of Morals, a very beautiful nasheed about Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Love to hear this nasheed.
Lets Enjoyed Together.

The Translation Of This Nasheed:-

You are the Beloved, the Chosen, You are the Honest one,
The best of God's Creation, The best of the messengers,

The one who's God has sent with light, Islam and the unequivocal truth.

The Master of Morals, The Light of all time,
The one who we find Safety in his Guidance,
You are Muhammad, the Hashimi prophet,
God has created you mercy for all Mankind.

You have tought us the finest Virtues and Values,
With Faith, You have distinguished among nations,

You have Cleared all Doubts with the Message that God has best owed on you.

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